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Unique Features include: 75 Kobo per SMS Unit (Regular Rate), ₦1.70 per SMS Unit (Flat Rate), .com Domain Name, 3 Days Development,
1,500 Bundled SMS Units, Responsive Web Design, and Online Payment System.
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Customized Brand

Our Bulk SMS Reseller System offers a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for Bulk SMS Resellers with Control Panel to manage users' account effectively. We have made it possible for you to own your Bulk SMS Website fully branded with your own identity without any trace of our brand on it.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Have you ever wondered why some of your favourite websites appear awkward when viewed with phones or tablets? It is simply because those websites were not designed to be "responsive". Knowing such issue could chase away your prospective customers, we have carefully ensured that your Bulk SMS Website would be very responsive and fully optimized for all mobile devices.

Online Payment System

Having been in the Bulk SMS Business for years, we have observed scenarios where a Bulk SMS Reseller was available for his customer but designated banks had already closed for the day or even gone on holiday atimes. And the sales that should have been made were lost due to no fault of the Reseller. We have therefore introduced Online Payment System (OPS) for free. With our Interswitch-powered OPS, all that your customer need to do is to simply supply information on his Debit Card to Interswitch through your Bulk SMS Website and every other thing is automatically taken care of. The process is so simple and highly secure so you or your customer need not to worry of any loss.

Recharge Vouchers

Your Bulk SMS Website would be able to generate and print out Recharge Vouchers of various denominations as you specify. So your Recharge Vouchers can be sold online (via Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.) or at retail outlets within/outside your region; same way conventional recharge cards are sold. You can also distribute your Recharge Vouchers to Agents (especially campus students) to sell on your behalf and pocket a token as Agent Fee. These Recharge Vouchers would automatically credit the sms account of whoever loads them on your Bulk SMS Website and you would always have access to details of each transaction.

Bundled SMS Units

In Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria, don't just expect patronage without offering some freebies that would encourage and assure your intending customers. So we have bundled some sms units for each Reseller Package so that you can easily leverage your sale to new customers in far-away states or countries who can't physically come to where you are to ascertain the truthfulness and efficiency of your bulk sms service. With free sms units made available to them upon registering on your Bulk SMS Website, they would be able to verify your bulk sms service on their own.

Branded Mobile Application

Despite the fact that your Bulk SMS Website would be responsive; we have made available a mobile app that would be downloadable right from your Bulk SMS Website by any of your customers who prefers to use it to send bulk sms. And guess What? Depending on the Reseller Package you opt for, your Mobile App would be exclusively customized or branded for your Bulk SMS Website.

Branded Desktop Application

We have also provided Desktop Application for the ease of your customers. As it is with other Internet-based software, your customers would have to connect to the Internet in order to be able to utilize the full potentials of the software in retrieving sent messages, scheduling messages, sending new messages, balance enquiry and several other functionalities. And depending on the package you opt for, the software would be fully branded with your brand and would also be made downloadable directly from your Bulk SMS Website.

SMS Gateway API

You could have companies or businesses within your customer-base who may wish to connect their websites, mobile or desktop apps directly to your Bulk SMS Website through your sms gateway api. We have therefore provided free sms api that would be fully branded for Bulk SMS Website so that you can satisfy their demand with ease.

1 Year Free Domain Registration

Each of our Bulk SMS Reseller Package comes with free domain registration for a period of 1 Year only. While Domain is registered for Student Reseller Package, .com is registered for other Bulk SMS Reseller Packages. Your Domain Name could also be used to convey other services you deem fit.

1 Year Free Web Hosting

Each of our Bulk SMS Reseller Package comes with free web hosting for a period of 1 Year only. It should be noted that our Bulk SMS Portal is designed to function exclusively on our servers so as to enhance security and efficiency. To this end, your Bulk SMS Website and that of your entire Resellers would remain hosted on our servers but if you already have a web host, please contact us so that we can advice you on what to do.

24/7 Reseller Support

When we say you are never alone as our Bulk SMS Reseller, we mean every word of it. We are always available for you and whenever you make a request, you would be replied immediately. Simply fill our Contact Form.

Compare Bulk SMS Reseller Packages

Choose your Package

  • Development Duration
  • Regular Rate
  • Flat Rate
  • Bundled Units (Regular Rate)
  • Domain Registration



₦ Naira

  • 2 Business Days
  • 80 Kobo/SMS Unit
  • N1.80/SMS Unit
  • 500 SMS Units
  • Domain



₦ Naira

  • 3 Business Days
  • 75 Kobo/SMS Unit
  • N1.70/SMS Unit
  • 1,500 SMS Units
  • .com Domain



₦ Naira

  • 3 Business Days
  • 75 Kobo/SMS Unit
  • N1.60/SMS Unit
  • 2,000 SMS Units
  • .com Domain



₦ Naira

  • 5 Business Days
  • 73 Kobo/SMS Unit
  • N1.50/SMS Unit
  • 10,000 SMS Units
  • .com Domain

General Specifications

  • Customized Brand
  • Web Hosting
  • Responsive Web Design
  • 24/7 Reseller Support
  • Recharge Vouchers
  • Reseller API


  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Online Payment System
  • Automated Service Delivery
  • Unlimited Resellers


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Payment By Instalment
  • Free Upgrade